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Don’t allow your Corporation or LLC to fail because of non-compliance.
Call for yearly Business Check up & Compliance Analysis

Our experience has shown that many times business owners are not using their attorney resources to their fullest potential. Although we are often contacted to counsel through a lawsuit, many small business owners fail to utilize their attorney resources in their strategic plans. Large corporations have legal departments to turn to. As a small business owner, we can be your legal department. Allowing you the freedom and peace of mind to concentrate on what you do best…your business.

As head of your company, you must identify your goals and priorities to have a successful business.

Do any of these Business Challenges pertain to you:

  • Having a good marketing strategy that generates leads and prospects
  • Creating on-line marketing strategies
  • Needing to set my business apart from others in my field
  • Motivating my sales force to create a larger customer base while boosting sales
  • Introducing new services or products to keep business current and attract new customers
  • Developing a clear set of business goals and vision statement for the future of my business
  • Developing a solid business plan
  • Developing a succession plan so that the right persons can replace me without jeopardizing the business
  • Setting systems in place for controlling and managing the business
  • Developing job descriptions and administration guidelines
  • Giving better levels of service to my customers so they have a rewarding experience with my company.

We offer a wide variety of professional services to assist you in conquering these challenges and many others, including:

  • Incorporation / LLC Formation
  • Corporate Recording Keeping / Meeting Compliance Requirements
  • Bylaws / Rules and Regulation Drafting
  • Document / Contract Review
  • Reporting Requirements


This Advisory is intended to provide information generally and to identify general legal requirements. It is not intended as a form of, or as a substitute for, legal advice. Such advice should always come from in-house or retained counsel. Moreover, if this Advisory in any way seems to contradict advice of counsel, counsel’s opinion should control over anything written herein.





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