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        The Boomer generation consists of those born in the span of 1946-1964. The oldest of the Boomers turn 65 this year. In fact, it is estimated that 10,000 people a day are turning 65. However, they will not be able to retire but will face another year of work. The Boomers will not be able to collect full social security benefits until age 66. This is the result of a Social Security “fix” in 1999.  If proposals to cut the federal deficit are enacted, retirement age for Boomers could be pushed to age 69.

         One problem with the age increase is that a significant number of people will not be able to work past age 65. Some jobs are physically demanding and as we age, our bodies wear out. As technology keeps expanding, many Boomers have outdated skillsets and cannot do the work. Yet others have major health problems preventing them from working. These same Boomers are applying for social security disability benefits further straining the system.

         It is projected that a man turning 65 in 2011 will live to age 83 and a woman to age 85. That is a long time to collect social security retirement benefits. The Social Security Department says it will run out of money in 2037. To have the fund last longer, the retirement age was increased. A recommendation by the Deficit Reduction Commission to President Obama was to have full benefits phased in to begin at age 69 by 1075. That would affect people born in 2006.



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